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TNC is the safe and reliable manufacture of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate in Thailand. The company is one of the leaders in South East Asia region. TNC holds the highest share of domestic market, and expects to establish long-term mutual beneficial business with customers.
  68% Nitric Acid (PV Grade )  
     Nitric acid (PV Grade) is high purity nitric acid grade with low metal impurities being in ppb level. Mainly, it is used in sola cell, semiconductor and electronics industries.
The product is available in Plastic IBC 1.2 ton.

Product 68% Nitric Acid

  68% Nitric Acid  

     Nitric acid (HNO3) is colorless liquid which is highly corrosive and poisonous. It is used in various industries such as cleaning of stainless steel, electroplating, and automobile industries. Additionally, it is used in other surface treatments.
      The product is available in bulk lorry, jerrycan 35 kg, Plastic drum 280 kg, and IBC 1.5 ton.

Porous Ammonium Nitrate(PPAN)
  Porous Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN)  

      Porous ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is colorless crystalline prill. It is used in the manufacture of ANFO for quarry, cement industry, and coal mining.
      The product is packed in PP woven bag with LDPE liner for small bag 25 kg and big bag 1,000 or 1,200 kg.


Medical Grade Ammonium Nitrate (MAN)

  Medical grade Ammonium Nitrate (MAN)  

      Medical grade ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is uncoated, colorless, odorless prill. This pure ammonium nitrate is used for the preparation of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide gas for medical application as anesthetic in surgery and analgesic in dentistry.
      The product is packed in PP woven bag laminated with LDPE for small bag 25 kg.

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